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Mr Charles burns

Hi Charlie
The lower height framework car is a model of the two ESPEE calcium
carbide cars.It looks identical to, and is numbered for one of them.
The other three paint jobs were fantasy schemes, It was listed as a 55'
car, but is actually 53',6",like the prototype.I'm upgrading one for my
ESPEE coasline layout
The pulpwood car is longer, and has different frame construction. One
of the four roads is for the prototype car. I remember seeing a picture
of the prototrpe pupwood car with Norfolk & Western markings which is
among the four roads offered on the pulpwood car.
I also have one of the Minitrix container cars. I'd like to know what
the containers looked like ,so I could model them.
I also have a helium car ,and vinegar car that are about the same
vintage. Atlas released these, plus some other exotic equipment around
the early70s. I'm glad that I stashed some away. I haven't seen the HO
Charlie Burns
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The same two cars were done by Roco in N Scale. (IIRC the HO cars
were also done by Roco, origiinally for AHM).
The lower height framework car in the N Scale version had cylindrical
containers with coned tops as a load.
The higher height framework car was a LCL Container Car. MiniTrix
imported this car without any load.
I've not tried to document the prototypes for these cars but seem to
remember seeing photos of both at one time or another, maybe in a CBC.
Pictures of the loaded N Scale Calcuium Carbide Car in N can be found
These cars were part of a series using a common underframe that also
included a Pulpwood Car in both HO and N.
Charlie Vlk

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