Re: Montour Quad Offset-Side Hoppers Circa 1956

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Isn't that the experimental aluminum hopper? Every other MTR hopper I've
seen was black.


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1902? I didn't realize offset quads were built that early. Anyone know
what Erie series they came from?
The Erie quadruple offset-side hopper cars, series 39000-39799, were
built in 1930 by Standard Steel Car Co. Erie sold a bunch of them in
the mid-late 1950s with some going to Norfolk Southern and Montour.

Regarding the color, I knew that most (if not all) Montour hopper cars
were painted black. However, the photo of Montour 100 (available from
Bob's Photo) appears to be "light" and quite possibly a color other
than black.
Ed Hawkins

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