Re: Black Paint vs. Car Cement

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>


Hi Gang:

Would someone be able to define the difference in properties or
composition between paint and car cement?

What are the attributes of car cement vs. use of paint?

In HO scale, would black car cement appear different from black paint?
It appears to this newbie that car cement is essentially a bituminous coating used for sealing while paint is, er, paint. Probably the biggest visible difference is that the thickness of a layer of paint is a few thousands of an inch while the thickness of a layer of car cement is a few 32nds of an inch.

In 1/35 (my other modeling scale) bituminous coating or similar items like Bostik Sealant and asbestos grease are replicated by brushing on a thick model paint vs. airbrushing for regular paint. With HO being about 1/3 this size, even this might be too much difference. If the car cement was sprayed, I doubt that you could detect a difference in texture at 1/87. Black paint might tend to weather toward gray while bituminous coatings often go toward brown.


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