Re: Montour Quad Offset-Side Hoppers Circa 1956

Larry Kline

Jerry Stewart wrote:
Ed, Tom, I don't know specifically about the color of the group of
quad hoppers that you are questioning about, but I do know for sure
that the other hoppers that Montour owened were black. This was clearly
shown in the color W/B videos on Western Maryland steam that have been
available for years now.

All of the Bill Price video and still shots of Moutour hoppers that I
have do show black cars. However, I have a color shot of USRA clone
twin 17144, reweigh MRR 3-56, built 2-37 from Bobs photo. It is painted
oxide red. The same photo appears on pg 113 of Gene Schaffer's Montour
book (in B&W) with the caption *Montour #17144 is one of about one
hundred Montour hoppers painted to reflect parent PRR heritage.*

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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