Re: Black Paint vs. Car Cement

Tony Thompson

Kurt Laughlin wrote:
It appears to this newbie that car cement is essentially a bituminous coating used for sealing while paint is, er, paint. Probably the biggest visible difference is that the thickness of a layer of paint is a few thousands of an inch while the thickness of a layer of car cement is a few 32nds of an inch.
In 1/35 (my other modeling scale) bituminous coating or similar items like Bostik Sealant and asbestos grease are replicated by brushing on a thick model paint vs. airbrushing for regular paint.
I'd agree with Kurt on both points: it's a tarry material which I have seen being applied with a mop in one photo. Santa Fe, as well as PFE and others, blew slate granules onto it while wet to provide a less-slick surface. Hand-brushing model paint does provide a bit of texture, compared to the very uniform paint applied by an airbrush, and one can perceive this slight difference on a model.

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