Re: Montour Quad Offset-Side Hoppers Circa 1956 and Earlier!

Ed Hawkins

On Sep 14, 2006, at 1:33 AM, Thomas M. Olsen wrote:

The M3000 disappeared from the Montour Roster sometime between October
1953 and October 1956 according to the ORER's that I have.
Unfortunately, I have a gap in the registers between these issues.
Perhaps, someone else maybe able to bring us a little closer with a
register between these dates that I am missing.
The 4/51 and 4/55 ORERs both list M 3000, so the disappearance was
between 4/55 and 10/56, thus narrowing the time period.

Thanks to all who replied to my original message about the Montour
100-161 series of quad hoppers obtained from Erie in 1956.
Ed Hawkins

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