Re: Montour Quad Offset-Side Hoppers Circa 1956 and Earlier!


I joined this group (STMFC) only yesterday after learning there
was conversation regarding Montour Railroad equipment.
Thanks to member Larry Kline for bring this to the attention
of the Montour Group.

Regarding Montour hopper 3000;

Information regarding this hopper in my book on the
Montour Railroad came directly from the 2 volume set of
Interstate Commerce Commission completion reports I
obtained from the Montour Railroad.

Moments ago, I re-reviewed the Montour-ICC Completion
reports concerning Montour hopper #3000.

Montour hopper #3000 was purchased second hand
in July 1941 from Wine Railway Appliance - Toledo, Ohio
for the tidy amount of $300.00. It is a steel hopper with
140,000 capacity, length over end sill 38'-6",
width over side sill 10' - 2&1/2", Delman Trucks,
Buckeye Bolsters, Light weight 47,900, Stucki
side bearings (roller), 33 inch wheels at 825 pounds each.
Formerly WRAX #100 that was purchased 2nd hand by
the Montour Railroad "AFE" #2974.
I was unable to locate a exact builders date on these
ICC Bureau of Valuation for the 3000.

I don't know if this clears up further questions regarding
Montour #3000. I'll gladly review the Valuation Reports
if further information on the former Erie hoppers,
Montour #100 series if you would like. Those Erie
hoppers were purchased by the Montour Railroad,
second hand via Briggs & Turvis (B&T).
Please feel free to inquire. I will do the best I can
to provide factual information from the ICC reports.

cc: Montour Group

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