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Thomas Baker

I believe that the simplified logo appeared for the first time in the Official Guide in 1954, and that is about the same time that the logo first appeared on freight equipment. As the freight equipment was shopped, the newer logo was applied. For several years the older logo with the full company name lingered on equipment. I think that the early sets of ABA FP7 locomotives for the Twin Cities Hiawathas even originally had the older logo on them, but I guess a photo would provide undisputed evidence.



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Good morning,

For those whose interest is the Milwaukee Road, I have a question
regarding the tilted box logo. When did the Milwaukee institute the
change from the complex "Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific" tilted
box to the simplified "Milwaukee Road" tilted box? Were there any
freight equipment types that did not make the change when the new
simplified version was adopted, and if so, what were they and when were
they changed. Was there a cut-off date that made the change universal

Thanks in advance!

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