F&C AC&F Type 11 tank anchors

Bruce Smith

I pulled two of these kits back out to start on them and recalled that waaaaay back on May
26th, Ted Culotta wrote:

I received two of the F&C kits today and have the following thoughts
for the group. Take them as you will.
-- One glaring omission on the kit is the center anchor. There is no
provision for it, and it's not even mentioned. The center anchor was
comprised of two angles that each attached to the top of the center
sill and then to the bottom of the tank. They were several feet in
length and were parallel to the center sills. These will need to be
scratchbuilt. I am thinking about making a little pattern for them.
Ted, et al.,

I hope you haven't added these yet<G>. I wanted to make sure that I got them correct, so
I hauled out the Kaminski AC&F tank car book and started looking at the photos. Funny
thing is, I can't see these on anything preceding a Type 21. Now that may be the angle,
lighting etc, but I can see them on almost every Type 21 and later car. Looking further, I
checked out the drawings in the book. No Type 11 drawings there, but there is a Type 7
drawing, and no sign of any anchor in that drawing. The next page shows the now
infamous USRA design - sure enough the anchors are shown, as they are also shown on
the Type 21 drawing. I'm beginning to think that the anchors were an improvement to the
design added around the time the USRA car was designed (1919) and therefore weren't
present on the Type 11 or maybe even the Type 17... So, bottom line, does anyone have
either a photograph or drawing that shows this feature on a Type 11 car?


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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