Ancient Tank Car Parts (is parts, is parts, is parts etc.)

Shawn Beckert

Fellow Prisoners,

Going through the ACF book this weekend - blissfully
ignorant of the turmoil I caused with my questions of
last week - I couldn't help but notice, once again, the
sheer variety of tank car shapes and sizes. We've only
scratched the surface with the handful of accurate kits
that are on the market.

Since a new tank car kit seems to hit the shelves only
once every decade, or so it seems, what can we do with
the various kits that now exist? Take, for example, the
underframes from the P2K, Red Caboose, and Tichy kits.
Can they be used as a starting point to make any other
kind of tank car? Can the tanks themselves, or even the
domes, be swapped around to create something new but
prototypical? What part, or parts, would be needed to
open up some kitbashing opportunities?

I'm afraid if we don't come up with some way to stretch
the capabilities of the kits we already have, we'll have
to sit and wait for whatever the manufacturers come up
with. Do we have any recourse on this? Your input, please.

Shawn Beckert

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