Re: Help w/FGE/WFE/BRE truss rod article

Don Worthy

Hey Guys, I wanted to let ya'll know that I've been able to get copies of "Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol. 12 and Prototype Railroad Modeling Vol.1. Both are really nice. I haven't been able to get copies of any of the mags that were listed, yet.
But the two that I've got are really good and will help so much.
Thanks to Frank and Pieter for the list of books!!!!
I hope to get started on building a string of FGE cars before too long.
Thanks again guys
Don Worthy

Frank Greene <fgreen01@...> wrote:
In addition:

FGE/BRE/WFE Wartime Reefers
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia 12, Bill Welch, Ed Hawkins, and Pat Wider.

BRE Signature Wood Sheathed Reefers
Prototype RR Modeling Vol. 1, Bill Welch.

"Topics planned for upcoming volumes...More FGEX/WFEX/BREX Models"
Prototype RR Modeling.

Frank Greene
Memphis, TN

Don Worthy wrote:

I wish someone would point me to some info on their Wood side, steel
underframe cars or the steelsided icebunker cars. I've seen some old
film made on the Central of Georgia and the FGE cars were 85% of
several trains. The rest of the cars were ART cars. I could see the
herald fairly plain but, couldn't make out car numbers or data of any
Don Worthy

Pieter_Roos responded:

Hi Don;

For starters, how about:

Fruit Growers Express Reefer: Less publicized than PFE
Mainline Modeler, January 1988 page 42 "FRANTZ, IVAN JR.", "HUNDMAN,

WFE and FGE 40-foot wood reefers from lnterMountain models
Railmodel Journal, February 2005 page 40 "WELCH, BILL"

Western Fruit Express... Refrigerator Cars, part one
Mainline Modeler, April 1996 page 41 "CARTER, CLIVE"

Western Fruit Express... Refrigerator Cars, Conclusion
Mainline Modeler, May 1996 page 72 "CARTER, CLIVE"

all from the Kalmbach on-line magazine index.
Note that WFE used the same designs as FGE, being an affiliated company.

Pieter Roos

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