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B&O picked up a number of 1956-built Ann Arbor PS-1 boxcars during
1964. They became class M-67a (with 6-foot door openings) and
M-67b (with 8' door openings).

They were acquired by B&O from United States Railway Equipment
Leasing, from whom Ann Arbor probably leased these cars from in the
first place (speculation). One way to tell is if the Ann Arbor
boxcars had the little USA outline logo on them too.

B&O's original own PS-1 boxcars were class M-67, unique in that
were 10'-0" inside height for systemwide clearance restrictions and
for possible use in Timesaver LCL service. Pullman Standard
promotional literature at the time dubbed them "Package Cars".

The Ann Arbor's 200 PS-1's with 8-foot door openings were built by
Pullman Standard in 1957 and numbered 1200-1399. They had the
following trust plates.

Ann Arbor Railroad Equipment
Trust, Series C:
The Boatmen's National Bank
Of St Louis
Trustee, Owner, and Lessor

This same trust series also covered the 400-499 series PS-1's with
six foot door openings built by P-S in 1957.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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