resin kit instructions

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Last weekend I built a couple of the Sunshine mini kits. Last
years 'Naperville' MP box car and a rebuilt ATSF 50' DD auto car.
It's not permitted to complain about kit instructions especially
when the maker isn't a list member. I will just say that the
instructions were misleading to me and cost me time to rethink
construction steps. The MP kit had photos of both ends of the car
which was nice. It also had a recommendation to replace the kit's
running board, but both sets of instructions 1) told you to apply
the new resin parts 2) build the car with the kit instructions. Both
real cars have (if I can Count) 8 rung ladders, the kits only
include 7 rung ladders. There are only A end photos of the Santa Fe
car, so I don't know if I used the correct (kit supplied) hand brake
or not?

I bought a couple kits from Ted at St Louis. I have built his
Georgia box car and found the instruction similar to Martins, if not
the same. I read the instructions for his Sou gon DOL a yesterday
and his NP 50' SS box car today. Low and Behold, the NP instructions
have a photo of the parts sheet with all the parts labeled!!!!
Thank you Ted,
Clark Propst

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