Re: Ann Arbor Box Cars

Ed Hawkins

On Sep 22, 2006, at 11:26 AM, Garth Groff wrote:

I found D&LW 35000-35199, NH 34500-34999 and NH 35000-35999 with a 10'
IH. There are no B&O cars on your list, so I assume that they were
by the B&O from Pullman kits.

Have you ever studied how many cars were built from Pullman parts by
railroads themselves? I know the IC had some riveted 8' door cars
do not appear in your rosters, though photos of them appeared in the
DING articles. I built a model of one of these using a Front Range
with Intermountain ends, roof, underframe and details.

I notice that you have added WP 1952-1953, which were missing from
original published lists. You say these were rebuilt. If so, from
Demonstrators? According to my information they were initially leased
from Pullman to test cushioned underframes (two different types).
Eventually the cars were purchased outright, though I don't know when.
One was off the roster some time in the 1960s, but the other survived
well into the roller bearing era. As can be noted from your list, they
were the only WP PS-1s with 6' doors. They were initially painted
with black lettering (the scheme Roundhouse offered on their 40' AAR
boxcar years ago).
My published PS-1 lists include only cars built by P-S and delivered to
the railroad, private owner, or government agency. B&O built 400 cars
from PS-1 kits at Dubois, Pennsylvania in 1957 (series 470600-470999)
that were 10' inside height and had welded sides and overhanging roofs.
IC built 2,585 cars from PS-1 kits at Centralia, Illinois from
1954-1957. These include 22000-23499 in 1954 and 23500-23534 in 1955
(all with 6' door openings) and 3900-3999 in 1957 (all with 8' door
openings). All IC PS-1s were built with riveted sides and had straight
side sills between the bolsters. I recently acquired two good photos
from the IC 3900-3999 series from Bob's Photo, but I haven't had much
luck finding photos of cars from the 22000-23534 series.

I've not been able to find out the origin of WP 1952-1953. They were
"rebuilt" by P-S as a job order (no lot number like is usually the case
for new cars).
Ed Hawkins

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