Re: Muncie & Western Boxcar help

Richard Hendrickson

On Sep 23, 2006, at 1:43 PM, Schuyler Larrabee wrote:

Hand me that lame story, Schuyler, and (unsuccessfully trying
to suppress a superior smirk) I'll point out that "home" for
the MWR's Mather cars wasn't Muncie, IN, but - as for all
Mather cars - Chicago Ridge, IL.

Richard Hendrickson
One other thing, here, Richard. While "home" for the MWR may well have been Chicago Ridge, I've
seen dozens, at least, of cars from many railroads with stencilled directions on them which say
something to the effect of "Return to agt, XYZ Railroad, West Godforgot, MN" That town is not the
"home" destination of the XYZ, it's simply the place where that car is to go for a specific purpose.
I'll begin by apologizing for my smart-ass "superior smirk" remark, which was ill-considered and unwarranted.

Now, as to Schuyler's observations about special routing instructions, there is a lot of photographic evidence of the MWR cars, as their colorful P/L tended to attract attention; I have nineteen photos of them in my own collection. And none of these photos show routing instructions of that kind, nor is there any reason to think they might. The purpose of the MWR cars was to carry Mason jars from Muncie to wherever they were consigned and return promptly (empty, if necessary) to Muncie to be re-loaded. What's the point in speculatng, much less indulging in far-fetched rationalizations, which are entirely unsupported by the available evidence?

Richard Hendrickson

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