Re: Composite hopper slope sheet material?

Jeff Coleman

I worked at the N&W's 38st car shop in Norfolk, Va. The cars came to
the shop straight from the coal pier (just unloaded). All of the
unpainted surfaces had a dull rust brown color, there was no bright
steel showing on any of the cars that came through that shop which
only worked open top hoppers, about 200 a day.
Jeff Coleman

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Jeff Coleman wrote:
That is interesting as I worked on hundreds of N&W hoppers in
70's & 80's and all of the interiors had a rust bloom and some
Of course there is SOME coal dust. I'm sure many of the
empties I
saw were freshly picked up and thus still freshly abraded from
unloading. Sitting around in humid or rainy weather would quickly
the rust bloom you mention. The modeler has to decide what to
model: a
car sitting on a siding or in a yard for days or weeks, or one
freshly unloaded. If you operate with a car distribution system (so
that unloads don't sit) and have removable loads, I'd recommend the
freshly unloaded car look.
I have a friend who's a coal-region modeler and he observed
the coarser the coal, the less efficient the scouring on unloading.
could then look at one's loads and see what kind of coal is being

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