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The generic term used by the railroads, which you will see in the ORER and
car service directives, is "load-protective device". That term also
to the vertical inside door type devices, pne of which was the tradmark "
The brand name reffered to by the DF on the doors was "Damage Free." Evans
Damage Free loaders was a pretty commonly used term by people dealing with the
cars in the 1960s. One of the ad salesmen at Railway Age during my time there
used to be a freight car parts salesman, and he used the term pretty fluently
when I'd bring up the grand old days of selling freight components.

As an aside, he related that Pullman was tough on freight car parts salesmen
because it made and sold all of its own details and parts -- doors and ladders
and running boards and outlets, etc. Other builders allowed customers to
specify third party details. One of his biggest volume items were nailable steel
floors, and Pullman had those, too.

Mike Del Vecchio

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