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Larry Grubb <larry450sl@...>

Not to pick nits or anything, but unless the "1943 Scheme" you are referring to is the as-delivered scheme, you do not know the actual date the car in question was painted into the "1943 Scheme", you only know that 1943 was the earliest possible date it could have been painted in that scheme. Sometimes it took quite a few years to repaint cars in a new scheme, and sometimes not all cars of a class were repainted into a particular scheme.
Larry Grubb

Bruce Smith <> wrote:

On Oct 3, 2006, at 8:09 AM, <> <>
It's the main reason I never advocated putting the "years" on the
product labels at InterMountain -- to be truly accurate the label
would have to read something like -- "Car wearing paint scheme
introduced in 1943, reweighed in October 1953 and reflects the car
as it appeared until it was again reweighed in 1956."

And that's jusy too much information.

This just isn't that hard <G>! The box could (and SHOULD) read: 1943
scheme, reweigh 10/53.

For those of us who care (like this list) the information is there
that tells me I can buy this car safely and redo the reweigh (likely
with NEW) for my 6/44 date. For the great unwashed crowd out there,
it makes no impact. IM's competition seems to be able to do this.
Right now if I just look in the box, I see the 10/53 reweigh and I
can't tell if the scheme is right for my era (not having memorize all
the schemes of all the railroads in the US as some on this list may


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