Re: Ancient Tank Car Parts (is parts, is parts, is parts etc.)

Shawn Beckert

Garth wrote:

As Richard has pointed out a number of times, the
the Tichy tank with the small dome can be placed
on the Type 27 underframe to give us a fair
representation of some cars built during WWII.
How did I miss out on that? I've got about a dozen
of those Tichy kits in the closet, which I've been
afraid to even look at since I found out there was
no prototype for them. I know that they can be bashed
into some kind of war-emergency cars, but I'm still
waiting for Richard to finish the second half of THAT
magazine article. Doggone it Richard, let ME come up
there and chase the deer out of Sandra's rose garden;
you sit down and write!

Seriously, one bright note (for me anyway) is that
you can take the 60" dome from the Tichy detail pack
and graft it onto the IM Type-27 tank, thus reproducing
Shell Chemicals' fleet of Type-27's, which all had this
feature. That's an easy kitbash, at least. And since
one of the "home points" for those cars was at Martinez,
California on the Espee, all the more reason to do several!

Shawn Beckert

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