TOC sublettering (in regards to Big Four marking) - was Re: Reweigh Dates (was Re: fAIRFAX SFRD CARS)

Mark P.


If I may ask, why would a Big 4 car in 1944 be unusual?
As far as the Big Four reporting marks, I believe the NYC 1936 renumbering was the beginning of the end. The surprise expressed was that at least one car marked for the Big Four still appeared in 1944, 8 years after their use was being phased out. The Big Four (and T&OC and other subsidiaries) still existed as paper railroads long after their reporting marks were gone.

As a matter of fact either
NYC or PC re-initialed hundreds of two bay hoppers back
to T.O.C. I suppose it was some kind of sale and lease
back deal and it was an easy way to identify the cars
Hopefully going outside the bounds of this list will be permitted. The T&OC sublettering on the NYC hoppers happened sometime late '64/early '65 (if anyone can narrow this down with ORERs, I'd greatly appreciate it). The TOC sublettering on the boxcars happened during PC days, with at least 2 surviving into CR.

In the case of the hoppers, the purpose of the sublettering was to enable the cars to be rerouted back to West Virginia.

Mark Plank
researching the Toledo & Ohio Central at <>.
Modeling the T&OC's St. Marys branch in S scale sometime between 1918 and 1922.

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