Changes posted, Calendar updates and other material sought for the STMFC web site

Rob Adams


I've posted a few changes to the Steam Freight Cars Web Site this evening, and will be adding several more in the coming days. Naperville is just three short weeks away, and while I've added a flyer for Cocoa Beach this coming January, the calendar is still woefully out of date. Please send me your event updates ASAP and I'll get them posted.

There are also several new product announcements that will be appearing. Most are probably old news, but worthy of adding anyway.

The Steam Freight Cars Web Site is going to be undergoing a major shopping in the near future, in order to resurrect its utility and make it easier to update. I intend to modify the navigation panels to streamline finding material. Your suggestions about what you like and don't like about the site will be an aid going forward, so feel free to send me your suggestions at any time. Contributions of material, photos of models or prototype rolling stock will also be welcomed as before.

Thanks for your patience and support of this project. As you've probably surmised from Ted Culotta's product announcements, he remains very, very busy with Speedwitch business, and now that I have my writing commitment to him satisfied for a bit, I have more time available so will be picking up the slack on the STMFC site. We still need to work out e-mail addresses for submissions, etc., but that will come.

In case anyone doesn't already have it, the URL for the site is <>

Kind regards, Rob

Rob Adams
Wellman, IA
Modeling the CB&Q RR's Keokuk & Western branch, along with connecting Wabash and CRI&P operations, circa 1938

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