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Dennis Storzek wrote:
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Dear Group,
I have just broken yet another Accurail brake wheel and I don't have
a spare. The plastic brake wheels on the wood-sided boxcars with
vertical brake shafts are just too fragile to survive.
Does anyone know of a source of etched brass replacements? I would
prefer these to cast brass or whitemetal.
Thank you all in advance
Richard White
Both Precision Scale Co. and Cal Scale make investment cast brass
brakewheels that should be a direct replacement, and can be soldered
to the brake staff. White metal brake wheels won't really solve the
problem, as they also need to be cemented to the wire brake staff, and
it's normally the glue joint that fails. For the ultimate in robust
construction, substitute steel piano wire for the brass wire supplied,
and solder the brass brakewheels to that.
PSC parts aren't distributed by Walthers anymore, and I don't have a
part number. Here is a link to the Walthers listing of the Cal Scale
Wrong. They don't carry all the parts (only 1875 different items in HO scale) but they do carry PSC.

Bill Dixon
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