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Tony et al,

While I am sympathetic to the NMRA Tech Dept being less than exciting for a few
years, the DCC standards (while not perfect) have allowed that important
technology to move ahead.

I will point out that new Dept head Di Voss is an accomplished engineer and
manager and is working hard to clear out dead wood and get things moving again.
An example is giving manufacturers the lead in evolving DCC technology, rather
than having slow volunteers hold things up.

He has been looking at all the standards, recent Scale Rails piece on turnouth
non-compliance is an example.

Di was chair of the Seattle convention in 94 and is extremely organized, self
employed but semi-retired, and is determined to make progress. I suggest anyone
with ideas such as this contact Di directly. His email is
TECH-CHAIR@.... Challenge him and see what happens.

CJ Riley

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Jim Betz wrote:
If we would all lobby the NMRA to produce two new
standards/recommended practices we can make a lot of this stuff a lot
In your dreams, Jim. The NMRA is either afraid of liability, or
unable to finish any jobs in this area. From what I know, there are NO
new standards even contemplated, never mind being worked on. Some of
the problem is reportedly the very divisive squabbling over evolving
DCC standards, with different manufacturers and their shills unable to
agree on compromises, but this is only hearsay.

P.S. Yes, I've sent this in to the NMRA. No, I didn't ever receive
anything other than an acknowledgement of the receipt of the email.
The NMRA generally, and their standards people especially, have
as bad a case of NIH as you will ever see. (NIH = Not Invented Here)
Outsider suggestions are not, and have not been for years, received
with any interest whatsoever. Richard Hendrickson has already related
his experience with this, around a decade ago; others on this list
could multiply the examples.
I should add that I remain an NMRA member, and have worked on a
number of regional and national convention committees, as well as many
other duties over the years, such as division superintendent and
regional contest chair. But in the area of standards, the NMRA's record
in the last, say, 20 years makes the Bush administration look

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