Re: Coupler/Bolster 'Standards'/RPs and the NMRA

Tony Thompson

Mike Brock wrote:
Actually, quite a bit of standards and RP's have been produced since then.
Take a look at:

and you'll see just one example.
The page says "revised 1-90" but since I don't know what it looked before 1-90, I can't tell if this is significant. I can't find my NMRA Standards book at the moment, but IIRC RP-4 has been around for some time.
My complaint was not that NO standards work has been done, but that no SIGNIFICANT standards work has been done. I realize that "significant" varies with the observer.
There is also the issue of conformance, once indicated by permission to use the NMRA conformance warrant, which Mike raised earlier. I realize there may be legal problems with denial of warrants, in our litigious society, but the plain fact is, for most freight car-related standards, that there is no meaningful conformance activity by the NMRA. That is probably true for most other standards. If anyone can prove me wrong, I'm happy to be enlightened.

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