Re: Coupler/Bolster 'Standards'/RPs and the NMRA

Jim Betz

Dennis, et al,

I did not say anything about what dimensions the RP/standard
should use ... and I see no reason why using a prototypical
height for the center plate and coupler mounting plate (or
whatever the correct term is ... ?) isn't the correct spec.
And if the current crop of cars, for the most part, already
is at whatever number you say is right I have no issue with
that being 'the standard'.

With respect to the center plate the key element in my proposal
is not so much the height of the center plate as it is the 'shape'
of it. I'm saying it should be a flat plane with a hole that is
either tapped or can be taped for a screw. And the truck has
a matching hole that uses the same size screw for locating the truck.
In HO scale I think that it should be a 2-56 screw ... but I don't
really care what size the screw is. What I don't like is the
fact than many trucks can't be mounted on many cars due to mismatches
of the 'post' ... and having applied enough Kadee trucks using just
a 2-56 that seems like a good choice to me. But yes, it is important
that all of the manufacturers use the same height for the center
plate so that any truck can be mounted on any car.

With respect to the coupler box mount I am also saying that there
should be a simple flat space with a hole that is taped or can be
taped for a screw. Again - in HO scale it seems to me that if it
was a 2-56 screw it would work out well ... but again I'm not that
interested in just what screw it is as that the coupler box is
attached to the car using a screw. No funky plastic posts that
rely upon friction to stay put, no cast on coupler box, just a flat
space with a hole.

And as to the different prototype center plate heights - I would
propose that the model industry just ignore that and do all of their
cars at one height and make the trucks and couplers conform to just
one size. The difference between the two heights isn't visible
because it is all out of sight under the car and what we see are
the truck side frames and the end of the coupler box.

Obviously the size of the screws will/might be different in different
- Jim in San Jose

P.S. Yes, I replied directly to Didrick and look forward to his
responses ... and more importantly to the actions that his
group takes in the coming months/years.

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