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Jeff English

Ted Culotta <> wrote:

I assume Jeff English will answer this, but I've sent it to everyone since
I'm probably not the only party interested in the response.

Rutland Car Works is selling a resin kit (HO scale) for an MDT reefer
series built between 1911 and 1917 for the NYC (series 155000-155999 and
156000-156999), LS&MS (series 145000-145999) and Michigan Cental (series
16000-16249). These were truss rod cars with 5-foot door openings and
four hinges on either side of the door. My question is whether anyone
knows if these were still running in 1947 and if so, in what quantities?
The number series for the cars changed when they became MDT cars.
Actually Roger Hinman is the MDT expert and a subscriber to
FCL (I don't know if he's on STMFC, so I'm copying FCL on this
The RCS kit is either an M1 or M2 in Roger's terminology of
MDT reefers. The Rutland had cars that were identical when new,
hence the motivation on RCS' part. The Rutland cars were still in
revenue service in the immediate postwar period, but I would
hazard to guess that the MDTs were either gone or rebuilt to
something visually dissimilar (but I don't recall any MDT rebuild
programs, so that's an even more hazardous guess).

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