Re: Plausible PRR reweigh location codes for G30 etc. gons?

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Station P-62 (Holidaysburg or E. Altoona?) was also used really frequently on
gon shoppings through the end of this list's interests, as it was the
designated site for rebuildings of that fleet. Check out some photos and
you'll see it over and over.

No, I did not have decals for that one, since I need way more than a handful
and no one makes it (I can't stand piecing stuff that small together), but I
intend on doing a sheet of these when I get out from under all the rest of
this stuff...

Elden Gatwood

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Thanks Tony!
I was wondering what shops those cryptic PRR codes represented.

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Stefan Lerche' wrote:
What are plausible PRR reweigh codes/lettering for these and
other PRR
gons. I'm using a Komar dry transfer for a Tichy War Emergency
car and
it only has a "New" date. I can't make out the corect lettering
The Keystone Modeller article.
Stefan, I like to use the codes from the major PRR yards,
such as
Enola (P-50) or Conway (P-341). You also seen P-712 fairly often
Terre Haute shop) and also P-450 (the Fort Wayne car shop).

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