Re: Coupler/Bolster 'Standards'/RPs and the NMRA


cf5250 wrote:
--- In, Jim Betz <jimbetz@...> wrote:

... if the NMRA would specify a size and placement for the
bolster and mounting -pad- for the truck mounts and coupler
mounts that is relative to the top of the track and nothing
else ...
I offer snapshots from Dave Hussey's 2006 WPM meet photos of
the new Details West draft gear kits:
I don't think your idea is bad, but to say it's impractical to
get all vendors behind a NMRA standard (or RP) that required them
to retool hundreds of existing models is an understatement.

This is a valid point, however there is no reason why every New model released shouldn't meet the standard. Of course until one is codified there is no standard.

Bill Dixon

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