Re: Coupler/Bolster 'Standards'/RPs and the NMRA


I don't think your idea is bad, but to say it's impractical to
get all vendors behind a NMRA standard (or RP) that required
them to retool hundreds of existing models is an understatement.
Your concerns make sense Tim, but if we could just get them to start and
agree on a standard from here on, it would be an improvement. They could
wait to fix the older stuff as it come up time to rerun it. Maybe for some
reason some parts are impractical to upgrade, and they could just say that.
But at least we could know that from here forward they would try to avoid
that mistake.

I can't tell you how many Athearn Genesis truck frames I'd buy just to have
the closer compatibility for other cars.<G>

Dan Stinson
Helena, Montana

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