Re: Coupler/Bolster 'Standards'/RPs and the NMRA

Tim O'Connor

Yes, but consider this logic Bill: if a vendor produces to a new
standard, however good, and if the new standard is different than
existing trucks & couplers, then by definition it will not be
compatible with existing products. And were it compatible, then
what would be the point of new tooling in the first place?

Many of us were aghast when J.P. Barger decided his P:87 magnetic
couplers would be compatible with Kadee coupler boxes! After all, we
thought, isn't the whole point to produce a scale model? Still, it
was hard to argue with J.P.'s logic that Kadee dominates the market,
and to produce an incompatible product would limit the sales to a
very small niche.

Tim O'Connor

--- Bill Dixon wrote:

This is a valid point, however there is no reason why every New
model released shouldn't meet the standard. Of course until one
is codified there is no standard.

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