Re: Bruce Metcalf's Scale Coupler Study

Charlie Vlk

Mr. Riley-
Might I suggest that the best proceedure would be to enlist the participation, cooperation and assistance of the coupler manufacturers and leading manufacturers that use couplers in their products?
Any effort by the NMRA to establish any "standards" that do not involve the manufacturers will be doomed to failure.
I would also look outside the limited confines of NMRA membership for volunteers as the NMRA is not a representative cross section of the Model Railroad community these days. I would also establish contacts with the magazines as the process develops.... the development of standards cannot be done in NMRA Committee and dropped on the rest of us without communication.
Charlie Vlk
Railroad Model Resources

An update is probably in order. I have been appointed coordinator for the NMRA
coupler project, including Bruce's study along with additional work. Several
people from this list have volunteered to help and I am still coming to grips
with the best procedures. As soon as I am up to speed and have coordinated the
volunteers, I will provide an update.

The project is not dead, just incomplete.

CJ Riley


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