Re: Kit brakes

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

Denny wrote:

Just like my MOW outfit bunk car with complete fine interior
detailing that no one can possibly perceive or see, this kind of
hidden detailing accomplishment only satisfying to its creator can
serve very well, if only in memory.
Your comment immediately brought a smile to my face as I recalled one of my
favorite stories. A long-time friend models in On2, made popular at the time
by Bob Brown of the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette back in the 1970s.
My friend scratch-built a wonderful On2 box car back then, complete with
carlines, transverse tie rods, and beautifully painted and weathered Grandt
Line oil drums inside the box car. After adding the roof, he then glued the
doors onto the car, both in closed positions.....but he knew what was inside
the car!

Jack Burgess

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