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Like most,my roster has changed over the years.Recently I have been
selling some highly detailed resin cars because the were no longer listed
in the OER for the period I am attempting to model.The question is,are we
carrying all this a little bit too far.After all, whose layout is it?Most
visiting firemen may not know the difference.You can always bring out some
of those cars after the "Rivet Counters " leave. <G> Armand Premo

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Good post, as always. I have a love-hate relationship with brake
rigging: I hate to do it, but I love when it's done. In fact, I
don't like building up underframes in general. I add the basics,
some rigging, and that's about it. I try to do a complete job on
covered hoppers and hoppers because everything's so visible, and
that's probably why I don't have many of those types of cars.

On a more off-topic note--and you'll enjoy this, Clark--I ran across
a list of all my freight cars that I possessed in 1996. As I went
through that list I couldn't believe my eyes. About 85% of the 1996
models have been sold or traded. Why? In most cases, it's because my
car construction wasn't good enough. Wrong prototypes, wrong era
paint job, and yes no brake rigging. I can thank you and Ted and
Richard and Jack Spencer and other guys for developing my new
standard, as I'm sure it's cost me a few grand for a new/rebuilt

Here's the tie-in: Guys like you and Ted and Richard and Ed and
others led me to improve my modeling standards. That required that I
rebuild or replace everything in sight. And if it means putting in
an extra hour to produce more prototypical underframes, then I'm in.
I don't wire up everything, but I do the basics--but "the basics"
has a new definition today than it had in 1996.

Next, Clark, I have to compete with you when I build a layout.
That's going to be a lot tougher than fighting with a fishbelly
underframe for an hour.

See you guys in Naperville.


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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I'm working on the Speedwitch NP 50' SS door � box car. The body
made up of the side, ends, and roof. The underframe fits into the
body very well. I took time to fit different couplers than the kit
was designed for, no problems. The only real challenge to the kit
appears to be the end ladders. They're my next step.

It seems like almost half the kit's written instructions are
to the brake rigging. On this car with the `fish belly' center
I add the three AB brake components, the two levers that go
the center beams, a wire from each lever to end of the car, and a
wire between the cylinder and the AB valve. On other style
underframes I'll add the two pipes between the air tank and valve
the link between the two levers. All this fiddling with the brake
rigging consumes almost half of the kit's assembly time. I can't
image the time and swear words it would take to do a more complete
job. I have put the brake rigging that comes with plastic kits on
resin models, a real time saver and they include the same stuff I
would have to fabricate. I don't even drill any holes. I cut all
mounting lugs off, lay the piece in place and super glue the crap
of everything.

I'm curious as to how much brake gear others hang under their

Clark Propst

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