Please remember to bring you KCS Cars

Greg Martin


If you where at my "SHAKE and TAKE" KCS 40-foot Boxcar Conversion clinic in
Cocoa Beach last January please try to remember to bring your car back to
Cocoa Beach completed (or partially completed) this coming January so we can all
see the results (mine has yet to be weathered). I was approached after the
clinic with several ideas that others were going to further upgrade the kits,
and I would love to see them... Clark did you replace the ends?

We're doing another car this year and the car will come completely painted
and lettered this time. It will be a meat reefer, and we are again limited on
how many folks can attend again this year so and I am hoping that Dr. Denny
Anspach will agree to recap the ACCRAIL© AccuMate© Scale Coupler installation
again as he did last year. Doc, are you willing?

Greg Martin

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