Re: Kline & Culotta Freight car book

Larry Kline

Here is some more information about the book. The photos were taken in
1946-48. The introduction is an overview of freight car history from
1898 to 1947 and briefly describes traffic in the Harrisburg, PA area
where most of the photos were taken. The introduction is followed by
eight chapters on box cars, reefers, stock cars, hoppers, covered
hoppers, gondolas, flat cars and tank cars. The photos in each chapter
are arranged chronologically to illustrate freight car design history.
There are photos of most major US freight car designs and of cars owned
by 102 railroads and private car lines.
240 pages, 8.5" x 11"; 350 photos; 14 tables, bibliography, index.
Price: $49.95 for NMRA members, $64.95 for Non-members,  $8.95

At $9.95, an introductory 6 month Railpass membership in the NMRA is
less than the $15 difference between the member and non-member prices
and includes Scale Rails, the NMRA member magazine. Call the NMRA at
423-892-2846 to take advantage of the Railpass membership.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

Brian Ehni asked:
"Where does one order the book?"

and Ben Hom replied
You can order it from the NMRA Company Store on their website:
Click on the appropriate "Members" or "Non-Members" portal, then click
on the "Books" tab, then click on "Next". (The book is on page 2 of the
books listing.)

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