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The block of DL&W cars including #'s 54544-54782 have a 8' 5/6/6 IYD and
appears to me to be a universal brake wheel. Can anyone tell me what the
stenciled build dates are on any one car that fits in this series? I know
that the very similar DL&W #55161 with an 8' 6 panel Superior door had a
build date of 3-57, but I wish to do the Youngstown equipped car, instead.
Any idea of which metal running boards were utilized?
Hi Andy,

The 54651 is stenciled 2-55. This group had U.S. Gypsum "grated"
running boards, which is very similar to the Apex, on cars 54500-54749 according to
DL&W general arrangement drawings

Which mdel are you using for this car?

Mike Del Vecchio

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