Re: NMRA Coupler RPs

cj riley <cjriley42@...>


As you may know, I have been assigned the task of coordinating the coupler
committee and I have been wrestling with just what needs to be accomplished
that would prove useful. Since this arose from the STMFC group, and Tony
Thompson and Mike Brock (among others) have volunteered to help, I thought I
should approach you for advice, since you are both modeler and manufacturer.

You have obviously done some research and I would be interested in your take on
where we should go. My immediate reaction is manufacturers should be invited to
contribute once we know where we are going. It seems coupler pocket, height,
bolsters?, and perhaps truck mountings all relate, as well as compatibility.

We are probably venturing into the RP area rather than standards, although
standard status could be the ultimate outcome.

I would appreciate your thoughts on these ramblings before we get moving in


CJ Riley MMR

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