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Roger Miener <Roger.Miener@...>

John Golden says ...

"Let's spend our time talking freight cars."

John, I agree. And, as always, I thank you for your comments.

I think that my concerns have been adequately addressed by Mike Brock
when he said, "If STMFC management receives any word regarding MM's
future including
subscription information, we will forward it to the group."

Roger Miener
at Tacoma WA USA

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Respectfully, Jeff's right. The STMFC list isn't an appropriate
place to discuss MM and magazines, etc. to the bitter end. There's
been no public statement on the future of the magazine anyway, so
all that's left is speculation--and that just wastes everybody's
time. Let's spend our time talking freight cars.

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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