Re: rivet strips

Greg Martin

Bud writes:

Thought you guys would be the source for advice on adding some .005" styrene
riveted batten strips on a model. I thought I'd use the tried and true
method of running a row of rivets on a larger sheet then cutting them into narrow
strips. Now to add them to a carbody... should I use ACC or a quick
evaporating solvent? I'd hate to have the thin styrene "melt" on me. I also would want
to be able to make minor adjustments if necessary before they set up.
Appreciate your help.

Bud Rindfleisch


A tried, tested and trued method is to use a "slow" setting ACC, this will
give you plenty of time to make adjustments then once in place you can hit it
with accelerator.

Bud, you can make your rivet patterns, then cut the strips, depending on the
width, with the "twin XACTO blade" method. If you've never done it email me
off line I will fill you in instead of wasting band width. You can make double
rivet rows like this as well and add a rib in to use for a hopper or gondola
as well...

Greg Martin

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