Re: rivet strips


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Thought you guys would be the source for advice on adding some .005"
styrene riveted batten strips on a model. I thought I'd use the tried
and true method of running a row of rivets on a larger sheet then
cutting them into narrow strips. Now to add them to a carbody....should
I use ACC or a quick evaporating solvent? I'd hate to have the thin
styrene "melt" on me. I also would want to be able to make minor
adjustments if necessary before they set up. Appreciate your help.

Bud Rindfleisch
HiBud,I can,t vouch for this myself but the subject came up at one of
the Naperville clinics. It was agreed that MEK damaged .005 styrene. It
was suggested to use lacquer thinner. Regards, Don Smith

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