Re: rivet strips

Andy Carlson

You can use solvent cement for attaching .005" styrene to styrene without softening the edges or warping the strip. I can give you a technique which I use if interested by contacting me at <midcentury@...>

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...> wrote: Bud Rindfleisch wrote:
"Thought you guys would be the source for advice on adding some .005"
styrene riveted batten strips on a model. I thought I'd use the tried
and true method of running a row of rivets on a larger sheet then
cutting them into narrow strips. Now to add them to a
carbody....should I use ACC or a quick evaporating solvent? I'd hate
to have the thin styrene "melt" on me. I also would want to be able to
make minor adjustments if necessary before they set up. Appreciate
your help."

Bud, I'd stay away from the solvent for 5 mil styrene as it'll make
your rivet strips melt. I recommend a very sparing amount of
thickened CA (ACC) if you want to be able to make minor adjustments
before the adhesive sets.

Ben Hom

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