Re: Rivet Strips....or rivets sans strips...?


This discussion of solvent and small rivet srips triggered a question
that's been stirring in my mind for some time. Has anyone tried to
take advantage of the solvent dissolve effect to apply a precast line
of rivets on a smooth car side? The object here would be not to make
a batten strip, but rather a flush row of boltheads (rivets) on a
carside panel. The notion I have is that with boltheads cast in
proper size and spacing on a VERY thin backing, the backing could be
made to disappear, or meld into the underlying carside, with just the
right application of just the right solvent, leaving the boltheads
standing on a planar strene surface. Anybody tried anything like that?
I think if it worked there'd be a LOT of demand. Military modelers
would prolly eat it up too.

I KNOW if i keep doing Ted Culotta's lick-an-Exacto-blade
rivet-by-rivet technique for the rest of my life, I am going to slip
one of these days....


Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

--- In, Andy Carlson <midcentury@...> wrote:

I have had a few off-list requests to describe a technique to
solvent weld a .005" strip to a styrene carbody side. I have described
this technique to the STMFC list once before, but I can do so again.

The problem of attaching thin strips of styrene is that the solvent
will both round off the edges of your .005" strip and cause some
serious warping/wrinkling....

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