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Garth wrote:

As Richard has pointed out a number of times, the Tichy tank with the
small dome can be placed on the Type 27 underframe to give us a fair
representation of some cars built during WWII. Richard has promised for
several years to do the conversion and write it up, but has apparently
been trapped by mundane non-railroad activities, like putting a roof
over his head (only important if it protects his trains).
Richard, Garth,

I took a quick look at the intermountain type 27 unterframe and the Tichy
tank. It looks very doable - perhaps even "quick". Can you point me in
the directions of photographs, drawings, measurements to do this? In
particular, I would like to see the "cradle" area supporting the tank.

Richard - don't want to step on your toes if you're planning on writing
this up...I'll be happy to see how it goes and send you what I cobble
together for review/critique as an aid in developing your article

Happy Rails

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