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On Nov 1, 10:07am, Denny Anspach wrote:
Subject: [STMFC] Re: RPM meets
The Cocoa Beach Hilton's food quality was generally
better in this regard, no less convenient, but still not great. IMHO,
the tradeoff is regrettable, but acceptable.

H-mmm. Perhaps a roach coach lunch wagon at Cocoa, Mike and Jeff?
(you guys have nothing better to do over the noon hour anyhow :-) !)



In fact, during Prototype Rails, I usually have my lunch catered:
my wife goes across the street to Sonny's BBQ and brings me back a
sandwich. I find that it is tasty, inexpsensive, and best of all: FAST.

By the way, the clinics are shaping up nicely. Topics include
(subject to change):

Building a prototype layout
Modeling Water
The Overland Limited
What tank cars haul and why (post-1960)
Eccentricities in standard freight cars
Easy Model Signal System
NYC Gons of the 1960's
Weathering with Acrylics
SRR 50' box cars serving the auto industry
20K gal non-insulated tank cars (post 1960)
SAL, ACL, & CofG Gons 1920-50
NYC USRA box cars
Modern intermodal (tbd)
NRC Refrigerator cars
B&O Open Hoppers 1919-63
Wilburton Trestle
Modeling WV: P&WV and P&LE in O scale
Designing Backwards from Operating Goals
Scratchbuilding a coal distributor
Pullman seasonal reassignment to Florida
Kahn's meat reefer kitbash (hands-on)
Building Craftsman Structure kits
Phosphate hoppers
Modeling Track
CGW Car assignments 1968
Kitbashing Ltwt Passenger Cars
Kitbashing Walthers Hwt Passenger Cars
Kitbashing Freight Cars
Rebuilding a Layout
Santa Fe Reefers
CA Narrow Gauge RR's
Large military guns on flat cars (gun flats)
Modeling opportunities w/ Passenger Trains
Trucking in the Classic Era
SP Tank Cars
FGEX / BREX / WFEX wood reefers
IRT Pelham Elevated line
L&N / SRR prototype layout
Detailing Roofs and Walls
SRR and ACL Trackage rights from VA to FL
Steel Industry freight car loads



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