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FYI...Open judging is the norm at NMRA nationals and many regionals. Folks are
welcome to listen without commenting and it is intendied that they may learn
something. It certainly sounds like the smudge was not obviously weathering,
but it is also possibly due to mediocre judging.

CJ Riley

--- Charlie Vlk <cvlk@...> wrote:

I remember walking around the Contest Room at an NMRA National during judging
(somehow they were so wrapped up in their deliberations that they didn't kick
me out!!!) and overhearing the judges arguing if the smudges on the side of a
drop-dead beautiful scratchbuilt coaling tower were intentional weathering or
poor workmanship....and, the conclusion was, since it wasn't noted on the
entry form, it must not have been weathering. That kind of "system" (or
people's interpretation of it) can ruin any desire to work to get a merit
By contrast, there wasn't a model on display at Naperville that I didn't
appreciate....and thanks to everyone who brought them and the presentors who
spent the time and effort to share the results of their prototype and
modeling research in the sessions!!! (It was also fun to see the results of
some of my "modeling"....albeit with the help of some Korean and Chinese
factory workers... running around on the Midwest ModuTrak layout.... and
especially the World's Largest BLI Locomotive...
the ex- DRINW 121 / Ex BN 121 / nee CB&Q 9255 at the Illinois Railway Museum
which was recently painted as CB&Q 9255 using my Broadway Limited artwork)!!!
Charlie Vlk

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