Re: Indoor sidings

Greg Martin

Andy and all,

Working in the UP Albina Yard's old Car shops at my reload (Vortex Reload, Inc.~ Shameless plug) built heaven only knows when the 40s or 50s (perhaps older) the tracks (3) that runs through the facility are flush with the concrete surface. There was obvious ties set, then rails laid, concrete poured over them or possibly concrete footings poured, then rail attached to the footings, then concrete poured over the footings. But regardless the rails are the same height as the concrete surface. The facility is about ΒΌ mile long I would guess. The same is true for the approach to the building on either end. This is how I have seen all sidings in the PNW that have rails running into all building that load under cover, i.e., the old Champion Plywood Mill in Lebanon, OR as well as others. I have never seen rail attached to the surface of a concrete, making the rails higher than the surface.

Greg Martin

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Subject: [STMFC] Indoor sidings

Doers anyone on this list know how sidings are built inside of
industrial buildings in our era? Are the rails bolted to concrete
floors? Is a pit dug to accommodate ties and ballast? Are either of
theses techniques used?


Andy Miller

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