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The "troubles they're having" strikes me as a rather harsh assessment of reality. The delays are certainly not a reflection of the dedicated people at Amarillo and the MPHS who have been working hard on this project to make it right. In case you're not aware, but the model is done. I had the opportunity to examine one of the kits at Naperville last weekend, and it is a beautiful model. I've purchased some myself and look forward to receiving them. This new 1939-46 built car is far nicer than you'll be able to attain with the extensive mods to adapt the Walthers reefer. I would encourage you to give the new ART car a second look. If you are in need of the later paint versions, it is my understanding that those paint schemes are on the horizon. To model the 1936-37 built steel cars, you're best to start with an Intermountain R40-10.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

Don Worthy wrote:

Well, thanks but, the Amarillo mixup is why I want to model my own. The troubles they're having...the models may not ever get done.
I figure I can build my own if I can have access to correct information. The article that I found is or will be a great help. I wanted to see if someone knew of something that may have come out since the article.
The article was a part 1 and as my luck goes, I don't have part 2. I'd also, like to find info on the Wood cars.
Thanks any way
Don Worthy

stefanelaine < <>> wrote:
Go here: <>
Hope that helps

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Hey guys
I have an article by Stan Rydarowicz on ART reefers in a July 2000
RailModel Journal.
The article is using Intermountain and Walthers cars as bases to build
the models.
Is this still a good choice to use now a days? (not sure if something
has come out since that's better)
Is the Sunshine Models "steel ART reefer" a model of the article's
subject cars? I've recently seen one of them on Ebay.
Could someone point me to some information on the ART's wooden cars?

One other question: Would these steel reefers be anything like steel
cars used by the Fruit Growers group?

Thank ya'll
Don Worthy
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