Re: Interchange of Mexican freight cars?

cj riley <cjriley42@...>

Back in the '60s, a neighbor with whom I rode the bus, was a car agent(?) for
the Pennsy. His job was to track down missing cars. There was a group of box
cars that wound up in Mexican limbo. He was told to forget was a common
problem. He claimed to have never lost a car and became obsessed. He took a
vacation in Mexico and tracked down the cars. They were on a remote unused
siding and were being lived in by a half dozen families. They were so chewed up
that he wrote them off, but they weren't lost!

CJ Riley

--- Dave Nelson <muskoka@...> wrote:

Kurt Laughlin wrote:

Looking through the ORER there are quite a few Mexican railroads with
a sizeable number of cars. It seems to me that Canadian cars were
quite freely interchanged but not those from Mexico. How extensive
was the interchange of Mexican cars in the US? How should the
Mexican car numbers be reflected in our car fleets?

Depends on what you mean by freely. Canadian carloads sent south represent
only 10% of all Canadian carloadings, some portion of which would be in US
cars being sent home. IMO that's not freely interchanged. OTOH if you mean
with a minimum of problems, then, yes, freely is probably the word to use.

As for Mexican cars, based on what I've read the only proper use of the word
free would be in the context of US roads not getting their good condition
cars returned. Ever. Or getting a bad order Mexican car numbered for a US
road. And trade itself was no doubt less than what was seen with Canada.

IIRC there were periodic embargo's placed against exports to Mexaco because
the cars were not being returned.

Dave Nelson

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