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Sept 1931 ORER shows 5786 40000 to 46240 cars and 799 55000 to 55799
cars.Armand Premo

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Ed Olszewski asked:
"I am looking for information on Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh
hoppers in the 40XXX and 46XXX classes. My ORER's only go back to
1955 and BR&P ceased to exist in 1932 I think."

BR&P 40000-46249, 6,250 cars built 1907-1909 and 1911-1914.
Acquired by the B&O after its takeover of the BR&P in 1932; these
cars became B&O 720004-725396, Class N-23. See page 20 of the
May/June issue of The B&O Modeler for specific roster information.

"What I would like to know is:
1) What models are close to these classes of cars?"

The Class N-23 twin hoppers were 7 side stake cars, 30 ft IL, top
chord 10 ft above the rails. The closest stand-in in HO scale would
be the Bowser GLa, which will give you the lower car but is 5-6
inches too long and the distinct tapered side stakes of the Pennsy
car (which do not match the prototype). Another option would be to
to cut down the old Varney/Life-Like twin to 10 ft top chord above
rails, which would give you a model with the correct length and
straight side stakes; however, this will also involve a lot of work
scraping off and upgrading details.

One thing this car is NOT is the USRA twin, which was a taller and
longer car. Not all 7 side stake twin hoppers were the same,
somthing both modelers and model manufacturers have trouble

"2) What colors were they? Brown with black lettering, Black with
white lettering?"

Black with white lettering.

3) Did the cars last into the 1950's in their BR&P paint?

Probably not. All 1950s photos that I've seen of these cars are in
B&O paint.

4) Do photos exist of these cars?

Yes. At least one photo of these cars in BR&P paint is in the
B&ORHS archives; several photos of these cars as B&O Class N-23 are
available from Bob's Photos.

Ben Hom

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