Re: Paint First--Assembe Later Sunshine Kits



I've found that the paint first/assemble later can work well if the pain
separations match the part separations nearly exactly, If you need to paint an
end color that wraps around to the side, why bother? On the other hand,
leaving a roof off for separate painting is a different story than the sides/ends
situation. Masking along a roof separation isn't quite a clean break, and
having them done separately eliminates the masking. I did one of the IC banana
cars and just masked the assembled kit (minus the ladders).

Sometimes, if I have several kits with black roofs to do, I'll finish the
roofs separately and paint them as a batch, then finish the remaining assembly

Tom C

In a message dated 11/12/2006 6:23:25 AM Central Standard Time, writes:
I don't want to admit my Sunshine NRC composite reefer kit has been on the
shelf for a very long time, but i noticed it uses Roman numerals in the
instructions, so it is time to start it and an IC steel reefer.
Both of the instructions suggest the happy modeler paint and decal the sides,
ends, underbody and roof before assembly. Having successfully avoided
anything like this sequence of work in the past, are there some tips (or good curses)
to help this style of assembly?

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